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Career Counseling
What is Career Counseling?
  • Career Counseling is a great need for the young students from class 9 till 10+2 level who stand at the launching of their career.
  • Career Counseling is to find a proper career for youth. Career counseling serve as a light to young men, groping in the dark at a very crucial moment in their life, at a time when they are actually at the cross- roads of their life. A little tilt this way or that way can make a world of difference in their lives.
  • So it is the process of making an effective correlation between the internal psychology of a candidate with the external factors of employability and courses.
Q) Why do I need career counseling?/ Who needs career counseling?
Career counseling is ideal for those individuals who are confused or clueless about what subject or career they should opt for. At times students are not confident or don’t know their abilities. Some may have too many interests and it may be difficult to narrow down on a selected few. Most people however, lack the relevant knowledge about various career options and what path to embark upon. To overcome this confusion regarding which career to choose students should visit a career counselor.

Career- “Always- A Choice, Never- A Chance”
  • Career assessment is the foundation for your career. Would you build a home without a foundation? Probably not, so why do that with your career?
  • In a world full of competitors, constantly striving for success choosing a career is not everyone’s piece of cake. However this wasn’t the case few years back when only profession considered worth pursuing was either engineering or medical. But with new career options opening up the scenario has changed rather drastically over last 10-20 years. Now parents as well as students have started thinking out of the box and have started exploring alternative career options which are available to the students. Now, aspirants don’t want just a job but a career as their profession.
  • It has been truly said that choosing a career is as important in one’s life as choosing a life-mate. Its importance cannot be over- stated as it is a life-time decision. Right choice of career ensures rich blossoming of one’s personality and full realization of one’s potentiality.
Today, we have a vast choice of career options, ranging from:- 7 Seas International Education
  • Health-Care Industry
  • Paramedical Careers,
  • Home Science & Food Technology
  • Biological Streams
  • Engineering
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Shipping Industry
  • Designing
  • Mass Communication & Journalism
  • Advertising & Public Relation
  • Travel & Tourism and Hotel Industry
  • Management
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Law & Company Secretary
  • Civil Services
  • Social Work
  • Defense Services
  • Information Technology
The wide spectrum of career options, however, poses a dilemma to many of us, parents as well as the young aspirants. In order to overcome this taxing problem, what we need is a clear perspective and focused mind. While choosing a career, it will be quite instructive to bear in mind the following points.
  • Make a list of career-options.
  • Expose yourself to wider information by attending career exhibitions and seminars.
  • Try to obtain a true picture of what the job entails.
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